In this blog post, we will guide you step by step on how to use Kubernetes to backup and restore MongoDB databases operating in Kubernetes environment.

MongoDB is an open-source and NoSQL database. MongoDB uses a JSON-like document and optional schema. MongoDB database has the ability to easily store a large amount of data and scales very easily.

Understanding the Basics

Before continue further with this article some basic understanding on the matter is needed. If you have experience with popular relational database systems such as MySQL, you may find some similarities when working with MongoDB.

The first thing you should know is…

API Key — What is an API Key?

An API key or application programming interface key is a code that gets passed in by computer applications. The program or application then calls the API or application programming interface to identify its user, developer or calling program to a website.

Application programming keys are normally used to assist in tracking and controlling how the interface is being utilized. Often, it does this to prevent abuse or malicious use of the API in question.

An API key can act as a secret authentication token as well as a unique identifier. …

What this is

A step by step tutorial about one of the easiest and most straight forward ways to have a simple Kubernetes Native Serverless platform bthat lets you deploy small bits of code without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure plumbing. It leverages Kubernetes resources to provide auto-scaling, API routing, monitoring, troubleshooting and supports every programming language. (Nodejs,Go,python,..).

To start, I advise you to install Docker Desktop

Search engines and social networks are still crawling your pages, but they only see javascript tags … Prerender interprets your javascript in a browser, saves static HTML code, and returns it to bots. is an online service that allows you to ensure that your website designed with AngularJS, BackBones.JS, Ember or jQuery is perfectly crawled by Google Bots, Bing as well as all other search engines.

Google is currently the only search engine capable of executing the JavaScript code of a website. On the other hand, we often notice that the crawling is not perfect and that these sites…

so here we are going to make RESTful API’s for user sign-up with JavaScript and MongoDB using jwt(jsonwebtoken) authentication. Since, we know that registering an user in our app is always our primary motive.

Installation @microfunctions/cli

# Install the Microfunctions CLI globally
npm install -g @microfunctions/cli

Generate a signup function

Install the required package

cd signup
signup$ yarn add bcryptjs jsonwebtoken mongoose

bcryptjs : It is used for hashing and comparing the passwords.

mongoose : It is used to connect to our MongoDB database.

jwtwebtoken : JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard that defines a compact and self-contained way of securely transmitting information between parties as a…


The Microfunctions CLI is a command-line interface tool that helps you to initialize, develop, and maintain your Microfunctions serverless


npm install -g @microfunctions/cli

Scaffolds a new function

$ microfunctions new helloword⚡  We will scaffold your app in a few seconds..? login to to generate your  cliKey :  xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-9eb5b3e7d41f? What Namespace would you like 😻  to use? hellwordnamespace? What ExecutedName would you like to use ? helloword? Which Memory would you 😻  to use? 32? Which Replicas would you 🍺  to use? 1? Which Runtime would you 😽  to use? nodejs12? Which package manager would you…

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